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Name Size Prerequisites
Tiki Lounge 1x1 Level 50+
Zen Pond 1x1
Cozy Draken House 2x2
Spacious Cassian House 2x2
Festival Tier 1 1x1
Dominion Hologram 1x1 Dominion Only, Level 20+
Flower Garden 1x1
Granok Trailer 1x1
Biome: Ellevar 1x2
Biome: Whitevale 1x2
Ice Pond 1x2
The Webbed Wood 1x2 Level 41+
Spacious Granok House 2x2
Prospector Plot 1x2
Elaborate Rock Garden 1x2 Level 50+
Warhorn 1x1 Level 23+
Whirlwind 1x1
Biome: Grimvault 1x2
Osun Foundry 1x2 Level 50+
Biome: Everstar Grove 1x2
HOUSING EXPEDITION: Mayday 1x1 Level 40+
Biome: Auroria 1x2
Biome: Malgrave 1x2
HOUSING EXPEDITION: Abandoned Eldan Test Lab 1x1 Level 30+
Marauder Cove 1x2
Super Weapon Test Zone 1x1
Hot Springs 1x1
Spacious Draken House 2x2
Science Lab 1x1 Level 41+
Relic Excavation Tier 1 1x1
Biome: Galeras 1x2
Spaceship 2x2 Achievement: Pre-Order Bonus
Water Well 1x1
Protostar Hazard Training Course 1x2 Level 39+
Magma Flow 1x2 Level 44+
Hoogle-Henge 1x2
Large Training Grounds 1x2 Level 45+
Spacious Chua House 2x2
Hobo Train 1x2
Ferris Wheel 1x2 Level 50+
Cozy Granok House 2x2
Dueling Arena 1x2
Power Generator 1x1
Cozy Cassian House 2x2
Wishing Well 1x1
Training Grounds 1x1 Level 15+
Silo 1x1
Garden Tier 2 1x1 Level 20+
HOUSING EXPEDITION: Kel Voreth Underforge 1x1 Level 20+
Outhouse 1x1
Biome: Deradune 1x2
Biome: Northern Wilds 1x2
Biome: Crimson Isle 1x2
Meteor Crater 1x1
Exile Hologram 1x1 Exile Only, Level 20+
Cozy Aurin House 2x2
Lopp Party 1x2 Level 29+
Spooky Graveyard 1x2
Darkspur Floor Piano 1x1 Level 50+
BBQ Pit 1x1
Kiddie Pool 1x1
Biome: Algoroc 1x2
Thicket Tier 1 1x1
Low-Grav Pad 1x1 Level 35+
Spaceship 1x2
Blasted Landscape 1x2
Datascape Raid Portal 1x1 Level 50+
Weather Control Station 1x1 Level 42+
Relic Excavation Tier 2 1x1 Level 20+
Flying Saucer 1x1 Level 31+
Elite Thicket 1x1
Bot Workshop 1x2 Level 34+
Cute Date Spot 1x1
Spacious Aurin House 2x2
Water Tower 1x1
Firework Launcher 1x1 Level 30+
Cubig Feeder 1x1 Level 17+
Cozy Exile Human House 2x2
Hedge Maze 1x1
HOUSING EXPEDITION: Creepy Cave 1x1 Level 50+
Spacious Exile Human House 2x2
Windmill 1x1
Anti-Air Defense Tower 1x1 Level 45+
Mineral Deposit Tier 1 1x1
Meditation Spot 1x2 Level 50+
Cozy Chua House 2x2
Garbage Dump 1x2 Level 31+
Vending Machine 1x1
Shardspire Canyon 1x2
Biome: Celestion 1x2
Garden Tier 1 1x1
Biome: Levian Bay 1x2
Biome: Wilderrun 1x2
Customization Station 1x1
Underground Bunker 2x2
Strain Maw 1x1 Level 50+
Storage Unit 1x1
Corrupted Laboratory 1x2 Level 50+
Elite Relic Excavation 1x1
Eldan Statue 1x1 Level 50+
Biome: Farside 1x2
Crafting Kiosk 1x1
Moonshiner Cabin 1x2 Level 10+
Medical Station 1x1 Level 18+
Large Hedge Maze 1x2
Boxing Gym 1x2 Level 50+
Bone Pit 1x1 Level 37+
Elite Garden 1x1
Eldan Excavation 1x2 Level 48+
Garden Tier 4 1x1 Level 40+
Geyser Gully 1x1
Large Crashed Ship 1x2 Level 32+
Pumera Matriarch Den 1x1
HOUSING EXPEDITION: The Melting Pot 1x1 Level 20+
Elite Mineral Deposit 1x1
Lopp Treasure Paradise 1x2
Osun House 2x2 Unlock the final reward of tier 6 of the Cosmic Rewards Program.