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Name Level Zone React Objective
A Marauder's Treasury o' Ribald Delights Whitevale E
DATACUBE: Primal Disruptor Northern Wilds E
TALES: The Caretaker Crisis! Bio-Dome 4 E
Medical Inventory Farside E
DATACUBE: Fail-Safe Mechanism Deradune D Sprtargetframe activequest
DATACUBE: Frozen Death Whitevale E
Lazarin's Own Alchemy Products Everstar Grove E
The Wit and Wisdom of Elderoot Everstar Grove E
THREAT ASSESSMENT: Flamewalke Bio-Dome 4 E
DATACUBE: Fluid Instability Whitevale E
TALES: The Ikthian Agenda! Farside E
TALES: The Ikthian Agenda! Walker's Landing E
Interacting with the Caretaker: A Beginner's Guide Bio-Dome 4 E
Protostar Loftite Report Algoroc E
DATACUBE: Necromantic Modification Celestion E
TALES: Duel for Deadeye Algoroc E
DATACUBE: The Sacrifice Illium D
LolliGagging Celestion E
Deployment Orders: XAS Joint Op Algoroc E
DATACUBE: Tragic Conclusion Whitevale D
TALES: Rise of the Vindicator Auroria D
Captain Aurelius's Log Whitevale D
DATACUBE: Collective Lifeforce Celestion E
TALES: The Traitor's Gamble Whitevale D
Shipping Manifest Cassette Expedition: Salvage Rights E D
Meeting the Caretaker The Elder Vault D
DATACUBE: Unexpected Mutation Everstar Grove E
Gravitic Destabilizer Manual Auroria D
Black Box #45A9 Illium D
Directives from the Widow Auroria D
Ivanna Cooks Whitevale D
TALES: Embrace Your Destiny! The Destiny D Sprtargetframe activequest
Mine Deployment Instructions Crimson Isle D
DATACUBE: Deadly Reaction Whitevale D
TALES: Attack of the Planet Reapers! Celestion E
DATACUBE: Infallible Perfection Western Grimvault E D
DATACUBE: Subterranean Descent Algoroc E
Slush Warning Label Algoroc E
DATACUBE: Beneficial Adaptation Whitevale E
DATACUBE: Feral Evolution Levian Bay D
TALES: The Temple of Dak-Buun Whitevale E D
Arborian Fables Celestion E
DATACUBE: Chosen One Whitevale E
The Wisdom of Elderoot Everstar Grove E
Orders RE: Exile Prisoners Galeras E
Deployment Orders: Galeras Thayd E
DATACUBE: Piteous Existence Malgrave E D
DATACUBE: Potential Candidate Malgrave E D
DATACUBE: Predatory Efficiency Crimson Isle D
DATACUBE: Toxic Result Whitevale E
TALES: Happy Birthday, Belle Walker Algoroc E
DATACUBE: Plasmic Equalizer Farside E D
Captain Lairdell's Log Expedition: Salvage Rights E D
Chief Arms Officer Voski's Personal Log Galeras E
TALES: Kara Takes Command! Galeras E
Junction Zeta Status Report Celestion E
Protostar Production Analysis Algoroc E
Lusk's Report: Vol. 1 Northern Wilds E
Dead Men Tell No Tales Crimson Isle D
Shuttle Boarding Pass Northern Wilds E
TALES: Victor Lazarin's Dead End Celestion E
DATACUBE: Cybernetic Perfection Ellevar D
DATACUBE: Dangerous Advancement Ruins of Kel Voreth E D
DATACUBE: Dark Ruminations Auroria D
Alchemical Ingredients of Nexus Whitevale E
DATACUBE: Manual Override Engineering Sublevel Theta D
Containment Protocols Everstar Grove E
Groundwalkers Deradune D
Cocktail List Ellevar D
DATACUBE: Data Dispersion The Destiny D Sprtargetframe activequest
TALES: Kara Takes Command! Thayd E
DATACUBE: Protocol Deterioration Whitevale E D
TALES: The Caretaker Crisis! Bio-Dome 3 E
DATACUBE: Geological Strata Algoroc E
Love Song of the Skeech Queen Whitevale E D
DATACUBE: Skeletal Catalyst Deradune D Sprtargetframe activequest
DATACUBE: Gender Enhancement Whitevale E D
WARRANT for the Darkspur Cartel Algoroc E
Bot Identification Made EZ! Whitevale E
Professor Digstone's Journal Galeras E
DATACUBE: System Fractures Celestion E
DATACUBE: Prohibited Variable Algoroc E
TALES: Far-Trader Diki and the Temple of Dak-Buun! Whitevale E
DATACUBE: Organic Infestation Algoroc E
DATACUBE: Modified Clones Celestion E
DATACUBE: Imminent Conflict Whitevale E D
DATACUBE: Successful Iteration Auroria D
DATACUBE: Pure Source Celestion E
Tracking the Hybrid Ellevar D
DATACUBE: Focused Technology Thayd E
Axiom's Log Rage Factory E D
DATACUBE: Augmented Life Ellevar D
Exile Miner's Diary Deradune D
Rotted Souls Galeras E
Spurned by the Godmaker Stormtalon's Lair E D
DATACUBE: Virtual Analysis Auroria D
DATACUBE: Mesmerizing Distraction Deradune D
Explorer Lozok's Log Crimson Isle D
Epitaphs of the Clanlords Deradune D
DATACUBE: Questioning Protocol Algoroc E
Alchemist Pontinia's Plague Diary Auroria D
Skeech Poetry Northern Wilds E
DATACUBE: Diverse Evolution Algoroc E
DATACUBE: Advanced Transmission Levian Bay D
A Murgh Poem Galeras E
DATACUBE: Intense Aggression Galeras E
DATACUBE: Female Leadership Galeras E
Dawn of the Squirg Whitevale E D
Tonight's Listings Algoroc E
RIX is Right! Malgrave E D
Love Letter to the Queen Everstar Grove E
Report to Doctor Lazarin Everstar Grove E
My Life with the Robo-Cult Malgrave E D
Wyn's Expedition Journal Galeras E
Momma's Family Auroria D
Martinus's Journal Deradune D
DATACUBE: Biological Mutation Algoroc E
Rules of the 'ROK Whitevale E D
DATACUBE: Biological Fragility Thayd E
DATACUBE: Decelerated Gestation Northern Wilds E
Doodad Jones and the Gears of Freedom Auroria D
Ekose Cargo Manifest Farside E D
DATACUBE: Savage Beauty Celestion E
DATACUBE: Omni-Plasmic Control Celestion E
DATACUBE: Power Conduit Stormtalon's Lair E D
Big Graw & Me Bio-Dome 3 E D
Lazarin's Own Alchemical Products Everstar Grove E
DATACUBE: Insect Aggression Celestion E
DATACUBE: Nexus The Gambler's Ruin E Sprtargetframe activequest
The Vengeance of Chesh Celestion E
DATACUBE: Elemental Stabilization Stormtalon's Lair E D
The Warbringer's Orders Crimson Isle D
Ravenok Racer Illustrated #119 Ellevar D
Explorer Bozlo's Journal Crimson Isle D
The Livingroot Phenomenon Everstar Grove E
DATACUBE: Containment Issue Algoroc E
Currently Unavailable Items Algoroc E
Glory Unto Osiric, Say We Galeras E
DATACUBE: Unexpected Aberration Ellevar D
TALES: Dorian Walker and the Lost Valley of the Pell Galeras E
Dorian Walker's Journal: Landing Galeras E
DATACUBE: Discarded Prototype Galeras E
DATACUBE: Totemic Power Celestion E
DATACUBE: Artificial Evocation Whitevale E D
TALES: Subject 33 Whitevale E D
Protostar Foreclosure Notice Galeras E
The Zax's Orders Crimson Isle D
Chief Cannoneer Nox's Personal Log Galeras E
TALES: Fragmentation Bio-Dome 3 E D
DATACUBE: Sentient Control Galeras E
DATACUBE: Biological Variety Deradune D
DATACUBE: Primal Infusion Algoroc E
Skeech Notes Bio-Dome 3 E D
DATACUBE: Surface Access Whitevale E D
TALES: A Test of Loyalty Deradune D
Deepfreeze Containment Protocols Whitevale E D
DREDplex: Skyhammer Report Algoroc E
Galactic Explorer's Handbook The Gambler's Ruin E Sprtargetframe activequest
The Queen's Condition Celestion E
DATACUBE: Unpredictable Outcome Whitevale E D
DATACUBE: Virtual Analysis Whitevale E D
DATACUBE: The Cassians Illium D
DATACUBE: Energetic Organism Everstar Grove E
DATACUBE: Parasitic Threat Everstar Grove E
DATACUBE: Unnatural Interest Galeras E
A Song of Ice and Water Whitevale E D
Lost to the Tar Pits Deradune D
DATACUBE: Scientific Reanimation Deradune D
The Words of the Masters Ellevar D
TALES: Perils of the Lost Planet Celestion E
DATACUBE: Crystalline Matrix Algoroc E
Medical Officer's Log Outpost M-13 E D
DATACUBE: Promising Prototype Ellevar D
Explorer Juliet's Geocache No. JN001 Algoroc E
When I Walk Beyond the Weave Celestion E
Status Report: Grismara Whitevale E
DATACUBE: Luminous Hybrid Auroria D
Blademother's Song Celestion E
DATACUBE: Extreme Concern Whitevale E D
DATACUBE: Divine Incubation Stormtalon's Lair E D
The Call of Thunder Stormtalon's Lair E D
DATACUBE: Organic Combination Whitevale E D
DATACUBE: Failed Experiments Crimson Isle D
Proposed Cubig Promotion Proposal Auroria D
A New Arboria? Celestion E
DATACUBE: Appropriate Selection Whitevale D
DATACUBE: Phase Initiation Bio-Dome 4 E D
DATACUBE: Mechanical Survivor Malgrave E D
Call of the Chompacabra Whitevale D
Malgrave Survey Report Malgrave E D
TALES: The Pit Malgrave E D
Megatech Manifesto Crimson Isle D
Nerissa's Diary Vol. 35 Ellevar D
Geologist Fardrum's Field Journal Galeras E
Divined Secrets of the Torine Sisterhood Celestion E
DATACUBE: Unexpected Survival Galeras E
Lopp Combat Techniques Celestion E
TALES: A Gathering Storm Ellevar D
Axiom's Log Asteroid DU-23 E D
Honey Expedition Distress Call Everstar Grove E
Owner's Manual: Longhaul-Class Freighter Farside E D
DATACUBE: Elemental Anomaly Wilderrun E D
Hologram Control Panel The Gambler's Ruin E Sprtargetframe activequestmulti
Vezaar's Journal Deradune D
The Chronicle of Gallow's Name Algoroc E
The Sacred Plan Stormtalon's Lair E D
Health Station User's Manual Stormtalon's Lair E D
DATACUBE: Lethal Construct Crimson Isle D
Fall of Grismara, Part 2 Celestion E
Cargo Lifter Operation Manual Ellevar D
DATACUBE: Design Disturbance Auroria D
Renzo's Journal Northern Wilds E
TALES: Corrigan Doon and the Star of Dominus Ellevar D
DATACUBE: Violent Tempest Northern Wilds E
Lusk's Report: Vol. 3 Northern Wilds E
Lusk's Report: Vol. 2 Northern Wilds E
DATACUBE: Virtual Perfection Deradune D
DATACUBE: Beneficial Traits Whitevale E D
DATACUBE: Botanical Sentience Everstar Grove E
Steady Traveler Ship's Log The Steady Traveler E D
Tynes's Account Axiom's Control Room E D
DATACUBE: Dominus Born Illium D
A Marauder's Stash O' Salty Verse Algoroc E
DATACUBE: Concealed Knowledge Ruins of Kel Voreth E D
Thundercall Arcanist's Journal Galeras E
The Power of Exanite Ruins of Kel Voreth E D
DATACUBE: Religious Sacrifice Bio-Dome 3 D
TALES: Rise of the Vigilant Star Ellevar D
DATACUBE: Arboreal Ascension Deradune D
Ode to Lucy by Hermit Bilvus Auroria D
STRATEGIC ANALYSIS: Star-Comm Station Levian Bay D
Shinies of Ellevar! Ellevar D
DATACUBE: Future Improvement Deradune D
TALES: Adventure Awaits! The Gambler's Ruin E Sprtargetframe activequest
DATACUBE: Project Security Algoroc E
So You're Going to Die on Nexus Ellevar D
DATACUBE: Genetic Instability Auroria D
Day of the Squirg Whitevale E D
Hologram Control Panel The Destiny D Sprtargetframe activequestmulti
Galactic Explorer's Handbook The Destiny D Sprtargetframe activequest
DATACUBE: Kingdom of the Goddess of Life Sanctuary of the Swordmaiden E D
DATACUBE: Deadly Elegance Farside E D
DATACUBE: Insectoid Purity Auroria D
Dorian Walker's Log: The Alpha Complex Alpha Complex E D
The Song of Eternal Vigilance Auroria D
DATACUBE: Silent Ignorance Celestion E
DATACUBE: Ruthless Games Ruins of Kel Voreth E D
DATACUBE: Fascinating Flora Celestion E
DATACUBE: Liquid Subjugation Galeras E