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Name Level Zone React Objective
A Marauder's Treasury o' Ribald Delights Whitevale E
DATACUBE: Primal Disruptor Northern Wilds E
Portal to Thayd Northern Wastes E
Thermock Hold Taxi Kiosk Thayd E
TALES: The Caretaker Crisis! Bio-Dome 4 E
Asteroid Riot in the Void D
Seared Celery The Gambler's Ruin E Sprtargetframe activequest
Medical Inventory Farside E
Teleport to Thermock Hold Whitevale E
Broken Science Bot <Settler Structure> Algoroc E
Growth Energy Everstar Grove E
Restored Scanbot Bio-Dome 3 E
Gwyen Housing Skymap E
Target Illium D
Door Control Panel Everstar Grove E
Mine Spot Housing Skymap E D Sprtargetframe contract
Bottle of Firegut Deradune D
Standard Attribute Enhancement Station <Settler Improvement - Tier 2> Malgrave E D
Mining Explosives <Settler Structure> Algoroc E
Taxi Platform Ellevar D
DATACUBE: Fail-Safe Mechanism Deradune D Sprtargetframe activequest
Repairs Vendor Quantum Vortex E D
Portal to Thayd Crimson Badlands E D
Minebot <Settler Structure> Icemaw Cavern E
DATACUBE: Frozen Death Whitevale E
Bricks Thayd E
Crafting Station Void's Fury E
Exile Commander <Exile Spymaster> Stormtalon's Lair E Sprtargetframe publicevent
ASSASSINATION: Deathcap <Soldier Beacon> Ellevar D Sprtargetframe challenge Sprtargetframe pathsol
Rowsdower Thayd E
Terrorformer of Depravity - Settler Depot <Settler Depot> The Defile E D
Settler Supply Cache Bio-Dome 3 E D
Good Quality Chest Whitevale E
SWAT: Trouble Shooting <Soldier Beacon> Ellevar D Sprtargetframe pathsol
Snow Pile Whitevale E D
Flower Bed <Settler Structure> Celestion E
Console Ellevar D Sprtargetframe challenge
Portal to Thayd Ruins of Kel Voreth E
The Emperor's Door The Destiny D
Lazarin's Own Alchemy Products Everstar Grove E
The Wit and Wisdom of Elderoot Everstar Grove E
Osun Warhammer Rack Auroria D
Ecto-Analyzer Malgrave E D
Honey Glob Auroria D
THREAT ASSESSMENT: Flamewalke Bio-Dome 4 E
Black Hoods Alchemy Supplies Auroria D Sprtargetframe activequest
Protostar Director <Protostar> Blighthaven E D
Ability Training Kiosk Whitevale E
Farside Jobs Board Farside E D
Redmoon Chest Whitevale E D Sprtargetframe activequest
Fallen Mercenary Algoroc E
Stormtalon's Lair Stormtalon's Lair E D
Deploy Terrain Tremor Blighthaven E D Sprtargetframe activequestmulti
Transmat Terminal Walker's Landing E
Holdbot Whitevale E
Darkness Effigy Thayd E
Beneficial Invis Unit for fields Everstar Grove E
Elevator The Prison Complex D
Standard Critical Hit Station <Settler Improvement - Tier 2> Whitevale E D
Mine Explosive Trap Farside E D
Ability Training Kiosk Thayd E
Couch Whitevale E D
Omniplasm Laboratory Teleporter Deradune D
Plague-Infected Lowborn Auroria D Sprtargetframe activequest
Generic Invisible Creature - Simple Bio-Dome 4 E
Remote Detonation Charge Whitevale E
Yearning Hand Whitevale E D
Squirg Mound Whitevale E D Sprtargetframe pathsolmulti
Ability Training Kiosk Northern Wilds E
Eldan Cage Annihilator Control Room 14A E
Ability Training Kiosk Celestion E
Basic Health Regeneration Station <Settler Improvement - Tier 1> Wilderrun E D Sprtargetframe challenge
Exile Banner <Settler Structure> Bio-Dome 4 E D
Portal to Thayd Exo-Lab 4 E
Helix's Arms Algoroc E Sprtargetframe activequest
The Caretaker Security Sublevel Sigma D
Stormseeker Ball Stormtalon's Lair D
Basic Technologic Resistance Station <Settler Improvement - Tier 1> Ellevar D
Broken Banner <Settler Structure> Malgrave E D Sprtargetframe contract Sprtargetframe challenge
Abandoned Collegium Tech Windfall Cave D Sprtargetframe activequest
Ship to Illium <Dominion Mass Transit> The Defile E D Sprtargetframe challenge
Lintilla Housing Skymap E
The Staging Point Galeras E
Portal to Thayd Nanite Repository E
Crimson Ore Wilderrun E D Sprtargetframe activequest
Coded Journal Whitevale E Sprtargetframe pathexp
Windmill Door Galeras E
Pollen Mine Thayd E
Cheerleader Blighthaven E
Mining Bot <Settler Structure> Algoroc E
Cartel Fuel Source Algoroc E Sprtargetframe activequest
Grinder Thayd E
Drusera Statue Illium D
Lava Ball Target Housing Expedition: Kel Voreth Underforge E
First Anniversary Dance-Plosion Device Waste Management Facility E
Broken Totem <Settler Structure> Malgrave D
Small Renewshroom Housing Skymap E
Hellrose Bowl - Settler Depot <Settler Depot> Malgrave E D Sprtargetframe challenge
DATACUBE: Fluid Instability Whitevale E
DATACUBE: Rapid Development Galeras E
Pumpkin Auroria D
Chair Ellevar D
Terrified Taproot The Gambler's Ruin E Sprtargetframe activequest
Asteroid Asteroid M-13 D
Dominion Mailbox The Defile D
Rusty <Belle's Scanbot> Whitevale E
Avatus Elemental Vortex Delta D
Central Teleporter Circuit The Gambler's Ruin E Sprtargetframe activequest
DEFEND: Greenhouse Gatherers The Gambler's Ruin E Sprtargetframe pathsol
Still Housing Skymap E D
TALES: The Ikthian Agenda! Farside E
TALES: The Ikthian Agenda! Walker's Landing E
Scanbot Walker's Landing E
Thayd Taxi Kiosk Whitevale E
Combat Supply Drop Drybore Hollow E
Ship Debris Southern Grimvault E D Sprtargetframe activequestmulti Sprtargetframe pathexpmulti
Waveform Reverser Controls Datascape Synaptics Core E D
Unknown Galeras E D
Invisible Channel Unit Algoroc E
Water Bottle <Settler Project> Bio-Dome 4 E D
Power Beacon Asteroid 3C48 E D
SECURITY: Thieving Little Monkeys <Soldier Beacon> Wilderrun E D Sprtargetframe pathsolmulti
Ability Training Kiosk Farside E
Interacting with the Caretaker: A Beginner's Guide Bio-Dome 4 E
Draken Bench 1
Housing Skymap E D
Portal to Thayd Stormtalon's Lair E
Conspicuous Hole Whitevale E D
Ability Training Kiosk Algoroc E
Dead Scarhide Scalper Crimson Badlands E D Sprtargetframe contract
Botanybot <The Royal Collegium> Crimson Isle D
Enhancement Field Generator Bio-Dome 4 E D
Flowers of Devotion The Destiny D Sprtargetframe activequest
Protostar Kiosk Auroria D
Titanium Ore Chunk Auroria D
Cyclone Thayd E
Imperium Cannon Auroria E D
Xenobite Egg Northern Wilds E Sprtargetframe challenge
Mechanic Onaka <C.o.G.S.> Galactic Observer E D
Area 77 Taxi Kiosk Malgrave E D
Exit to Mozyk Quarry Auroria E D
Ability Training Kiosk Everstar Grove E
Talon of Osiric Galeras E
Fire Extinguisher Celestion E Sprtargetframe activequest
Munition Barrel Celestion E Sprtargetframe activequest
Matthias Black <Kriton's Commandos> The Defile E Sprtargetframe activequest
Dominion Flag Whitevale D
SECRET OPS REPORT: OMNICore-1 Secret Ops Center E
Power Augmentor The Defile E D
Box Farside E
Mordesh Dancer Wilderrun E
Holo-Crypt Stormtalon's Lair E
Hydro Security Console Bio-Dome 3 E Sprtargetframe activequest
Protostar Loftite Report Algoroc E
Invisible Unit for Aethros Non-Combat Stormtalon's Lair E
Sanctuary Field Generator <Settler Improvement> Bio-Dome 4 E D
Portal to Illium Expedition: Space Madness D
Super Sprinter Annalia Whitevale E
Sylvan Glade - Taxi Kiosk <Exile Transit Authority> Thayd E
Dralyn Housing Skymap E
Wigwalli Caravan Shiny Whitevale E Sprtargetframe activequest
Juke Bot The Gambler's Ruin E
Cartel Ammo Shipment Algoroc E Sprtargetframe activequest
Bolt <Belle's Scanbot> Thayd E
Dimensional Rift Thayd E
KoliPWNz Housing Skymap D
Sprouting Grimgourd Housing Skymap E D
Crafting Station Skullcano: Golden Cave E
Primal Capacitor Wilderrun D
Exit Panel The Lobby E D
Eldan Teleport Panel Deradune D
Settler XP Booster Tech-Totem <Settler Tech-Totem> Bio-Dome 3 E
Barricade Materials <Settler Structure> Southern Grimvault E
Black Hoods Cage Auroria D Sprtargetframe activequest
Rock Debri Celestion E
Power Generator Thayd E Sprtargetframe activequest
Protostar Folio Farside E
Repairs Vendor Halls of the Infinite Mind E D
SCS-101 Mender Star-Comm Basin E
Excellent Quality Chest Crimson Isle D
Platform Strain Maw E
Seaspine Mollusk Levian Bay D Sprtargetframe challenge
Cartel Arms Crates Algoroc E Sprtargetframe activequest
Exit Simulation War of the Wilds E D
Dead Slimy Gorger Auroria D
Murderbot Clone Illium D
Wurm Tunnel Wilderrun E D
Powered Minebot <Settler Structure> Deradune D
SCS-000 Contact <Star-Comm Control Transport Coordinator> 50
Illium D Sprtargetframe activequest
Minebot <Settler Structure> Deradune D
Black Hoods Alchemy Desk Auroria D Sprtargetframe activequest
Slush Still Algoroc E Sprtargetframe activequest
Beneficial Invis Unit for fields Obsidian Wastes E D
Stormtalon's Lair Galeras E D
Hard Cover Celestion E
Endurance Regeneration Station <Settler Improvement> Algoroc E
Medical Components Poxbrew Enclave D Sprtargetframe activequest
Cot Farside E D
Shatterforce Data Cassette Whitevale E D Sprtargetframe activequest
Arms Cache Algoroc E
Teleport Panel Exo-Lab 4 E
Beneficial Invis Unit for fields The Oculus E D
HOLDOUT: Training Exercise <Soldier Beacon> Auroria D Sprtargetframe pathsol
Exposed Wire Blighthaven E D
DATACUBE: Necromantic Modification Celestion E
TALES: Duel for Deadeye Algoroc E
Murderbot Clone Thayd E
Volatile Cyst Thayd E
South Firewalker - Settler Depot <Settler Depot> Deradune D
Rock Trap Celestion E
Violent Storm The Malgrave Trail E D
Helix's Legs Algoroc E Sprtargetframe activequest
Unbuilt Generator <Settler Structure> Western Grimvault E D
Basic Max Health Station <Settler Improvement - Tier 1> Thayd E
OtherJagg Housing Skymap D
Garack Housing Skymap D
DATACUBE: The Sacrifice Illium D
Bore Drill Algoroc E Sprtargetframe activequest
Uncorruptible Soulstone <Settler Resource> Western Grimvault E D
Mining Bot <Settler Structure> Auroria D
LolliGagging Celestion E
XAS Researcher <Exile Academy of Science> Celestion E
Dominion Hazmat Suit Stand Auroria D
Deployment Orders: XAS Joint Op Algoroc E
Baby Kurg <Settler Structure> Ellevar D
Stolen Lopp Goods Malgrave E D Sprtargetframe activequest
Basic Physical Resistance Station <Settler Improvement - Tier 1> Algoroc E
Eldan Relay Containment Facility R-12 E
Eldan Hologram The Gambler's Ruin E
Maintenance Switch <Explorers Union> The Destiny D
Protostar Physician Medical Case Auroria D
Kriton's Command Post - Settler Depot <Settler Depot> Galeras E
Settler's Campfire The Meatlocker E
Marked Location Auroria D Sprtargetframe pathexp
Imperium Decor Auroria D
Dreadmoor Tree Bio-Dome 3 E
Cooking Grill Malgrave E D
Landmine The Siege of Tempest Refuge E D
Swarm Thayd E
Hellrose Serv-O-Bot Malgrave E D
Camp Woodview - Settler Depot <Settler Depot> Bio-Dome 3 E
RESCUE OP: Gallow's Duskfall Duskfall Caverns E Sprtargetframe pathsol
Eldan Peacekeeper Alpha Complex E D
Unbuilt Barricade <Settler Structure> Galeras E
Transportation Console: Crimson Isle <Dominion Mass Transit> Deradune D
Standard Attribute Enhancement Station <Settler Improvement - Tier 2> Auroria D
Osun Warhammer Display Illium D Sprtargetframe activequest
Eldan Elevator - Settler Depot <Settler Depot> Southern Grimvault E D Sprtargetframe challenge
Iron Node Galeras E
Settler Mailbox <Settler Improvement> Ellevar E D
Corruptive Aura Center <Settler Improvement - Tier 1> Southern Grimvault E D