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Accounts and e-mails

Accounts at Jabbithole are identified by e-mail addresses. When you create an account your e-mail address is stored so you can log in and enjoy additional functionality on the site. Jabbithole will only send you e-mails when you explicitly request it, by creating an account (confirmation e-mail), or by initiating a password reset (password reset e-mail).

Future features might introduce new system notification messages, in which case those e-mails will contain information about why you received it, and how to opt out if you decide so.

Jabbithole will not send you news in e-mails, we use social media for that purpose. If you want to be informed about updates, please follow us on one of our social media accounts (Facebook, Google+ or Twitter).

The only exception when Jabbithole might send you an unexpected e-mail if a horrible security breach happens and you need to be informed for your own safety.

Jabbithole will never send you unsolicitated e-mails and we will never sell your e-mail address to third party spammer scums.


Jabbithole is using cookies to enhance your user experience on the website, these include:

  • Session cookies, so you can create accounts and log in
  • Convenience cookies, to make your life easier
  • Mandatory cookies that are required by some features

Third party services might use their own cookies:

  • Web analytics services that allow us to understand how you use this website, so we can improve it
  • Ad servers, to target more accurately
  • Social networking services, to connect with your friends

In case you'd like to opt out from receiving all or some of these cookies please use the privacy facilities provided by your browser to do so.