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Pyrokinetic Flame
1.25 sec cast
10 sec cooldown
60 Focus
Range 0 - 35 m
Conjure a torch, lasting 6s, that ignites upon attaching to a foe or reaching the end of its path creating a 10m field. Generate a Psi Point.

The torch deals 12.11%SP +6.5*lvl magic damage to nearby foes and restores 12.11%SP +6.5*lvl health to nearby allies every 1s.

Instant cast while above 2 Psi Points.

Shares a Cooldown with Haunt.
Tier Upgrade: +1.15%SP damage, +1.15%SP health

Tier 4 Major Upgrade: Party members who deal damage to the foe under Pyrokinetic Flame gain an Empower: Increases Assault and Support Power by 6% for 4s.

Tier 8 Major Upgrade: Landing a hit applies a Weaken: Foes hit have their Assault and Support Power reduced by 6% for 4s.

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