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1 sec cooldown
Range 0 m
Create a Bruiserbot that deals 8.51%SP +2.7*lvl physical damage twice every 2s to 5 foes. While active, you gain access to Blitz.

[Bot Ability] Blitz: Interrupts the target and 5 foes within 5m, then commands your Bruiser Bot to leap to the target, dealing 11.41%SP +3.61*lvl physical damage and Taunting up to 5 foes for 4s.
This Taunt does not affect 5-man enemies or stronger.

Two bots can be active at one time.
Tier Upgrade: +0.85%SP damage per tick, +13.61%SP Blitz damage

Tier 4 Major Upgrade: Grant yourself and Bruiserbot a Defense: Increases Glance Mitigation by 5%.

Tier 8 Major Upgrade: Bruiserbot becomes immune to crowd control effects during the taunt duration.

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