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Divine Vanguard Rune: Critical Mitigation
Logic Rune - Set
Required Level: 50
Class: Warrior
400 Critical Mitigation Rating
Adds 2 Power to the Vanguard rune set. Rune set bonuses:
2 Power: + 0.21% Glance Chance
3 Power: + 0.40% Glance Mitigation
4 Power: Vanguard: Jolt and Polarity Field grant a Threaten for 5s.
Threaten: Increases Threat Generation by 10%. Stacks 2 times.
5 Power: + 0.00% Armor
6 Power: + 0.33% Glance Chance
7 Power: + 0.60% Glance Mitigation
8 Power: Vanguard: When you Glance an attack, reduce the active cooldown of Bulwark by 2s and the active cooldown of Plasma Wall by 0.5s. Can only occur every 0.5s.

(4) and (8) are disabled while in PvP instances.
Sell for: 1g 94s 40c

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