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We all know war is a messy business, especially between two titans who cannot back down. What is not as well known is the hyperdimensional meta-chess game that the titans' servants play in the shadows and under the table. It goes by many names: spy trade, espionage, covert ops, black bag, slank works. But most involved simply call it by its most ancient moniker: The Great Game.

We Exiles speak of Black Hoods in tones of awe mixed with a healthy dose of fear, and of Avra Darkos, we speak not at all - not if we wish to continue drawing breath. It is she who taps the keys of her enemy, Axis Pheydra, playing the ICI with virtuoso skill. Move and countermove. Agent and double agent. Feint and riposte. Two wicked dancers, spinning and weaving in a sly duel that moves empires.

Do you have what it takes to play the Great Game? The Black Hoods are looking for the best, brightest and most ruthless Exiles of all races to become agents. Sneak over and apply now!

(The Black Hoods are an equal opportunity espionage service of the Exiles. Non-Mordesh are encouraged to apply.)

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