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As already reported, Dominion forces successfully managed to infiltrate Megatech Station, eluded or eliminated all perimeter resistance, sabotaged the tower controls, destroyed a wing of Hellfire tanks, dispatched a sizable estimate of Megatech troopers and bots, permanently dismantled an enemy War Construct, and neutralized four Exile mercenary squads along with a Warbot before unleashing the Eldan Annihilator held there to destroy the entire facility. That these accomplishments were all the work of a single agent serves as still further proof of the shoddiness of Exile defenses.

While our operative was able with minimal interfacing to reprogram the Annihilator, the full range of its destructive capabilities is still uncertain. Speculations as to the unit's original annihilatees remains under debate, with popular theories ranging from tectonic reconfiguration and satellite creation to repelling trespassers. But who such trespassers could have been remains unanswered and perhaps unanswerable.

Though a laudable act, the total destruction of the facility and its hundreds of on-site Exile personnel does leave us guessing on several fronts: was the prevalence of cybernetic security forces a purely tactical decision or had the Exiles made progress in analyzing the Annihilator's circuitry? If the latter, perhaps the timing of our assault was even more auspicious than anticipated.


While the assault is being widely (and rightly) hailed as a military success, a surprising amount of useful intel on the Eldan was also gleaned in the process. We now know that for all their omnipotence the Eldan still felt the need for external security units. Large ones. This strongly suggests either vigilance against a previously unrecorded threat or simply distaste for their activities being observed. Which of these proves the case, only time will tell.

Furthermore, considering the speed with which even Exile scholars were able to bring the Annihilator online, we can also safely assume that it is self-powered, technically accessible, and almost certainly not the only of its kind. Sweeps for comparable energy signatures in unmapped regions are already in progress.




While FCON reports corroborate that the Exiles' ability to construct another research emplacement in the region will not be possible soon, that the present whereabouts of the Annihilator is uncertain is an ongoing topic of concern. While our operative's decision to board a transport ship in order to survive the explosion is understandable, the failure to observe the Annihilator's probable destination, let alone pilot it back to base for more extensive reconditioning, is very much regretted.

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