dismiss Jabbithole has been updated for WildStar Reloaded. Weekly updates shall resume as usual. Thanks for the patience!
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Vorion: Order of the Makers


Behold! The Techno-Core! Built to store and protect the encryption for our technological security layer, it recalculates the formula in multi-dimensional phase space every nanosecond while simultaneously re-encrypting the derived values using the ever-shifting quantum structure of the device itself. The resulting encryption is literally unbreakable. Our technology will forever be secure. I am the only individual in the universe with the knowledge to access the device, and nothing in existence could compel me to compromise its security.

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Jabbithole is built from the in-game data collected with a WildStar addon created specifically for this purpose. You can also install this addon and help building the database behind Jabbithole.

We've made a tiny Windows app to make it easier for you to install/update the addon and upload the data it collects. Grab the client and start sharing what you encounter on planet Nexus!