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Captain Sabes Recording

- Entry 002237
Several strange new cases reported by the chief medic today. Crewmembers with signs of a respiratory infection, but no cause she can find. She's taken samples from those who have checked in, however, and hopes to have some facts to work with soon. She's asked me to send her anyone who complains of an unexplained fever, cough, or nausea.

Until Doctor Vetaxian can pinpoint what's causing this, anything could be the culprit.

One thing that does concern me. I know damn well the ICI has agents stationed onboard - but Axis Pheydra herself is personally diverting my official requests about their business here because I'm not "need to know." Blast it, I'm the captain of this ship. If I don't "need to know" whether the crew is coming down with a contagious illness, who does?


- Entry 002242
Ten more cases today. That brings the total number of crew that are in quarantine to thirty-seven, and I expect more before the end of the day. Doctor Vetaxian doesn't believe this will affect the ship's performance. Considering my first officer, our chief engineer, and the commander of security is in med bay suffering from this strange disease, I'm not so sure. In fact, I'm starting to feel...well. It is no matter. I have a ship to command. Let this disease try to come after me. Let every traitor and foul alien wretch in the galaxy try to infiltrate the Fist of Azrion. They will fail!

Though...why would I say that? There is no infiltration. Just an illness. And the ICI.

Always the ICI. Watching. I must insist Axis Pheydra returns my messages. If she knows anything about this...


- Entry 002298
Unbelievable! Of all the arrogant - I just learned the ICI has been experimenting - ON MY SHIP - with samples of some "Strain" they retrieved from Grimvault. And considering the state of my crew, I do not doubt this infection IS the Strain. I can feel it in my...in my blood. We've had to incinerate the corpses. Airlocking them would only risk spreading this infection to the surface. And the effect on morale, well...would not be good.

Damn it all! I'm reading weapons locks coming from the surface - from Grimvault, in fact. No time for evasive maneuvers, not that the Fist of Azrion is all that nimble anyway. But I will not allow this ship to come down in a populated area.

I have the authority to order this ship to self-destruct. And that time may well be now.

So why does the voice...the voice in my blood...why does it tell me it is not?

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