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Divine Prevention Rune: Focus Recovery
Air Rune - Set
Required Level: 50
Class: Spellslinger
400 Focus Recovery Rating
Adds 1 Power to the Prevention rune set. Rune set bonuses:
2 Power: + 0.21% Intensity
3 Power: + 0.00% Focus Pool
4 Power: Prevention: For each Runes of Protection or Astral Infusion absorb that is removed from an ally, reduce both abilities' cooldowns by 1s.
5 Power: + 0.02% Focus Recovery Rate
6 Power: + 0.00% Focus Pool
7 Power: + 0.36% Intensity
8 Power: Prevention: If you or your allies take direct damage and they have an Absorb of yours already on them, you restore 1 Focus every 0.5s.

(4) and (8) are disabled while in PvP instances.
Sell for: 1g 62s

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