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Entry One

It works! Katja was right! We've folded space... entered a dimension that no one but Katja has ever dreamed of! Soon we will emerge, free from the tyranny of the Dominion and its accursed blockade.

Entry Two

The chronometers are not functioning. Time does not go by as it should. It seems as if days have passed, yet within this strange dimension we remain imprisoned. Katja says it is only a matter of time before the Shade will arrive at its destination.

For the sake of us all, I hope she is right.

Entry Three

Weeks of this purgatory have eaten away at my wits! I will not speak to her, for she knows as well as I that our days are numbered.

Ever was I a fool to listen to Katja! A fool!

Entry Four

The Vitalus reserves are gone. Already some of the crew are showing symptoms of the Contagion unchecked. Unless she finds a solution, the lot of us will be lost to mindless rage and animal instinct.

Entry Five

Katja has a plan. She always does, doesn't she?

I will take no part in it, regardless of the cost. Our people, even those who have been overcome by the Contagion, are still Mordesh... are they not?

Yet she proposes to experiment on them... to take from them so that we may live for a time, free from the madness that inevitably claims us when the Vitalus runs dry.

Entry Six

The tell-tale warning lights shine, foretelling my doom.

I have, perhaps, two hours of Vitalus left to me. Two hours before madness takes me... two hours before I descend into cannibalism and prey upon my brothers and sisters.

Yet Katja calls to me over the intercom. She insists she has made progress, and has a solution to our plight. What can I do? I cannot ignore this chance. I must go to her!

If I do not return from the abattoir her laboratory has become... know that she is the cause of it all.

She needs healthy test subjects. So long as my warning lights shine true, I will be healthy... for at least another two hours.

We are, all of us, damned. I go to her now. Slim hope is better than no hope at all.

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