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ATTENTION ATTENTION - a warning to all ships in flight and ports of call, don'tcha know?

Sorry, don't mean'ta interrupt, but we thought you'd like'ta know that there's a smidge of trouble out near that nifty new planet, Nexus. Seems there's a flux or standing graviton wave or something that's makin' navigation all sorts of hectic out there. So, pay special attention to what'cha doin', why don'cha?

Folks are callin' it "The Halon Effect" and boy if it's not a dilly, we don't know what is. Like it's not hard enough flying through that Halon Ring gravel patch, without some mysterious force makin' your instruments go all higgly-piggly. But there it is, what'cha gonna do?

So, here's what we recommend (not that we're the kind to tell anybody what to do - listen if ya want or don't, we won't hold it against ya):

- Steer clear of that pesky Halon Ring. If you have a real important cargo delivery or pickup there, then make sure you have the latest star charts and astrogation logs. Yep, those'll save your bacon by letting you know where the hazards and such are.

- Make sure your instrument suite is workin' all okey-doke. Everybody likes to pinch a copper now and then, but paying a calibration fee sure seems like a lot less trouble than replacing your ship.

- Keep a weather eye out for bits of moon that're floatin' where they shouldn't be. Those darned planetesimals like'ta wander around, don'tcha know?

- Know when to say when. If your artificial horizon goes all wackadoo and your nav beacon's fritzed-out, pull the stick and blast for clear space.

So, fair skies to ya, shiphands! And may the Navigator guide ya safely home.

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