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Something has gone wrong down on the surface and I must return to assist. While I am gone, here is a list of simple chores I need taken care of:

- Turn off the particle accelerator after use. You can use it while I'm gone - I know you like making your tea in it - just turn it off when you're done.

- Polish the primal Logic conduits.

- Polish the bioreactor precursor tanks.

- Polish the intra-lab transmat pads.

- Polish the hard-light holo-projector lenses.

- Basically, polish anything that glows green.

- Ensure Skeech generations incubate smoothly. Do not - repeat - DO NOT turn off bioreactor! I need as much data as we can generate.

- Sweep the airlocks.

- Water the vegetation.

- If any of my Eldan colleagues show up, look stupid and reply to all questions with "I do not know." This should not be too hard as it is true.

- Feed the Skeech. You know the drill: feed in the morning, mid-morning, noon, mid-afternoon, late afternoon, dusk, and midnight. Also, I found they like it when you sing to them. Pop songs work nicely.

- Do not sing to the xenobites! Gods forbid they start mimicking that behavior. Imagine the horror of a xenobite swarm warbling the latest hit from Cassian Idol!

- Ensure the smooth continuity of all experiments in progress. They must continue running come hell or high radiation.

- If you feel like it, go ahead and try to fix the Skeech female. Not a priority, though.

If anything big comes up, just call me and I will attend to it when I get back. I am placing great trust in you, Life-Overseer. Don't disappoint me!


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