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Prepared by Deep Cover Agent 7391XK

Lady Darkos, forgive the familiarity, but I find I must limit my use of language for fear of failure. It is a pleasant part of my task to compose this case file, for in my day-to-day deployment I simply do not speak. It would mean the end of me - but worse, the failure of my mission. Therefore I do... go on, I'm afraid.

SUMMARY: The planet Grismara as we knew it is no more. What little remains of Mordesh culture are a few stone structures the Ravenous could not tear down, though they continue to claw and tear at the facades day in, day out.

My meticulous global survey is now 74% complete, and I have detected no signs of intelligent, uninfected survivors. Zero non-Mordesh life signs, if you can call what turns up on the scanners as life signs.

It is fortunate I have been granted advanced vitalus implants that do not require me to eat, for simply pretending to be one of these monsters to move from place to place is difficult enough. To do what they do, tear apart anything, even each other, in their unrelenting hunger... this I fear I may not be able to do, even if I must to maintain my cover. For if I do, will I too not become Ravenous?

Please, Lady Darkos, I want to come to Nexus. There is nothing here. The world is lost. I do not know how much longer I can survive. You promised you would consider sending a stealth extraction pod if there was no reason to continue this mission, and I tell you there is NOT. Please, Lady Darkos. Please. I want to join you.

There is nothing here. They're all dead. They just don't know it yet.

My report follows. Forgive my outburst. Or don't. I do not expect to be alive when you read this. Or whatever it is our kind call life.

[The remainder of the report outlines the horrors that have befallen the Mordesh homeworld in terrifying and sometimes sickening detail. The final page is saturated in blood and what appears to be dried Vitalus serum. You cannot begin to guess how this report found its way to Avra Darkos.]

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