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(This ship's manifest lists a number of items being loaded onto the ship at a port referred to as "Vespa.")

2 cases Aurin salt licks
22 cartons aged cheese-wine (Draken)
12 cases Gnoxian stout (QM's Note: Better make that 11 cases, heh)
1.2 tons misc. luxury goods (QM's Note: Mostly underclothes, Chua sizes only)
1 box spherical objects (QM's Note: These look like eggs or something - do they need refrigeration?)
4 crates "Skinny James" meat snacks
201 entertainment cassettes (QM's Note: Various titles, mostly romantic comedy)

(The cargo manifest ends abruptly.)
The Blue Sparrow
X-82 Medical Bay
X-82 Cargo Bay
The Blue Sparrow
X-82 Medical Bay
X-82 Cargo Bay

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