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The origin of the Strain has now been identified. It appears that it was created by an intelligent biological anomaly that calls itself "the Entity."

The Entity was extremely interested in the operative who ventured through the portal into the cave, especially because of their recent interactions with Drusera.

Based on the events in the cave, it would appear that the Entity has the power to create life based on another organism's "primal pattern."


Our search for the Eldan has taken a darker and more horrific turn. As before, our capable operative entered the portal that appeared at the archaeological site outside of Thayd - but instead of finding Drusera, they were confronted by a malevolent presence that eventually revealed itself as "the Entity."

The frightening nature of this being can hardly be described in this report. Along with being physically terrifying, it seems possessed of advanced intelligence and an intimate knowledge of the Eldan and their activities on planet Nexus. During the encounter, the Entity stated that it was also one of the Eldan's creations, that it was responsible for the Strain, and that Drusera was not telling the entire truth of what transpired here.

The Entity seemed extremely interested in our operative, and was curious as to why Drusera had singled them out. Even more alarming, after subjecting our operative to a series of harrowing "scientific" tests, it used the operative's "primal pattern" to create a unique humanoid Strain mutation it called "the Skurge." We can only assume that these abominations will play a future role in the highly volatile circumstances unfolding here.

It seems a foregone conclusion that the Entity had something to do with the Eldan's disappearance, but the true nature of its involvement has yet to be discovered. Based on these most recent observations, we have delivered a strong warning to the Exile Council, and FCON has been put on high alert. It appears that this Entity has larger plans, undoubtedly diabolical, and our ability to control the situation is questionable at best.




It has come to our attention that "Deadeye" Brightland has recently offered to "acquaint this Entity with some bullets." Although we appreciate the bounty hunter's willingness to offer his services, it is the recommendation of XAS Logistics that we do not take him up on his offer. I have asked for volunteers to relay this information to Mr. Brightland, but none have yet come forth.

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