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The Eldan considered the Entity to be extremely dangerous, and attempted to destroy it in the Terminus Complex.

The power of the Entity was too great, and the Eldan were instead destroyed.

Arriving too late to save the Eldan, Drusera imprisoned the Entity in the Lightspire - knowing that the prison would not last forever.


It appears that the question concerning the fate of the Eldan has finally been answered.

Based on the data collected during the Terminus Complex incident, it has been confirmed that the Eldan were indeed destroyed by the Entity. This fact comes as no surprise to the XAS, given the data that we have collected throughout our research here on Nexus.

According to Drusera, and corroborated by information extracted from datacubes throughout the complex, the Eldan attempted to destroy the Entity near the end of the Nexus Project. Unfortunately, the creature broke free of its restraints and laid waste to the facility. It also appears that the Eldan were eradicated during this event as well. If any remain on the planet, we have yet to discover them.

Having arrived too late to help her creators, it appears that Drusera used her considerable powers to imprison the Entity in the monolithic exanite structure known as the Lightspire. It has now been imprisoned there almost a thousand years. According to Drusera, it won't hold the beast for much longer.

What exactly does this mean? First and foremost, it appears as if the Entity we have observed is merely a projection of the actual creature - not unlike Drusera herself. If indeed this is the case, then the true power of the Entity must be mind-boggling.

Secondly, despite her considerable capabilities, Drusera does not appear to have the ability to destroy the Entity. If the Eldan considered Drusera a god, then the Entity should be afforded the same status.

Further questions come to mind. Where, exactly, is Drusera? If she is truly the Genesis Prime, then why can't she destroy the Entity? Although her assistance has been extremely enlightening, there are still aspects of her story that are either unclear or misleading. Can we actually trust her? Do we have a choice?

The XAS has made a recommendation to the Exile Council that mass evacuation protocols be prepared for Exiles across planet Nexus. Of course, if the Entity escapes, such measures will more than likely be meaningless.




Despite these growing tensions, or perhaps because of them, Queen Myala Everstar has reiterated her intention to "hug each and every Exile on planet Nexus." The XAS has been asked to analyze the physical and psychological benefits of such a program. Efforts at doing so are ongoing.

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