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After her creation, the Eldan locked Drusera into a secure facility where she could learn to use her powers while they simultaneously monitored her development. Elyona the Evoker was assigned to teach and watch Drusera during this early stage.

Drusera grew, learned, and mastered her powers at an accelerated pace, to the surprise of her creators. She also displayed behavioral quirks, including fits of anger and aggression, which greatly concerned Elyona.

After Drusera matured and the Eldan failed to destroy the Entity, he turned Elyona into a Phage Lord. She was sent back to the Nursery to corrupt the Genesis Chamber, which could make the Entity even more powerful.


The holographic records we found tell us a lot about Drusera's early life - and it was no picnic. Let's put it this way - if you ever need a babysitter, put the Eldan at the end of your list.

That Drusera was headstrong and willful, prone to outburst of emotions both wrathful and benevolent, doesn't seem like unusual behavior in a normal child. But Drusera was and is anything but normal. A temper tantrum in a godlike being is troubling indeed. One thing seems clear, while Elyona may have been concerned by Drusera's powers, she also cared for the girl. Maybe she was given the job teaching Drusera how to use her abilities because she just had more mothering instinct than the other Eldan? It's not impossible, in fact, that Drusera's own compassion for others was a result of Elyona's influence.

This quasi-maternal relationship makes the fact that the Entity turned Elyona into a Phage Lord even more tragic. To corrupt the closest thing Drusera had to a mother-figure and then send her to seize Drusera's birthplace? The Entity's cruelty is matched only by his sense of drama.

Our pity for the Phage Lord's former incarnation did not, however, keep us from putting "Elyona the Mad" down. The energy essences collected there appear to grant temporary immunity to primal energy attacks, indicating the Entity has discovered ways to resist this raw power - a disturbing prospect.

Also disturbing was the presence of Pell who worshiped the Phage Lord Elyona. It's likely this tribe once served her faithfully in her work. Now they're slaves to her dark will, dying for a cause that eats them up inside.

Doctor Lazarin, finds the Entity's capacity for treating suffering as an art form intriguing. However, Secret Ops Command must refuse his request for a "chat" with the malevolent being. For Doctor Lazarin's own safety, of course, not out of concern that he might find something in common with the Entity. Heaven forefend.

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