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The Eldan tower called the Stratospire has remained active for centuries, drastically altering the landscape of the Northern Wilds. Considering the complete lack of highly intelligent creatures in the area, it stands to reason it has been in operation - albeit in a malfunctioning state - since the Eldan disappeared.

The means by which raw primal energy maintains the Stratospire's systems is beyond known galactic technology, yet the crystals required to power and repair the Eldan machine are readily available nearby. The Eldan were known for manipulating the primal forces of the universe, and now we see how capable they had become.

Powerful elemental creatures of primal matter appear to gather near strong sources of primal energy on Nexus. They are enormous creatures and extremely aggressive, despite the abundance of nearby "food" for them to consume, and possess only enough intelligence to fight. The local wildlife, though themselves imbued with the effects of primal exposure, appear to give them a wide berth.


The disappearance of the Eldan is the great mystery of our age, and the answer will determine who rules Nexus. Perhaps here on Nexus a great weapon lies waiting to be discovered and turned against the Dominion, or secrets that bend the laws of time, space, and energy to help the war effort.

The Stratospire, unfortunately, is not that weapon. Nor does the XAS believe it was what caused the Eldan to vanish. However, the events following the shuttle crash in the Northern Wilds prove that the Eldan routinely manipulated raw primal power on Nexus - even for what must, to them, have been a relatively simple machine.This leads the XAS to conclude simple exposure to primal power would not have been enough to cause them to vanish.

Furthermore, although they are strong and dangerous to ordinary sentients, all that we know about the Eldan suggest they would not have considered the gronyx of the Northern Wilds a threat.

In the future, it would be foolish not to monitor the Stratospire facility for the safety of Exile settlers, but it is no smoking mag pistol. Our search must continue. Algoroc or Celestion must hold more answers for us.




The team recommends that NMEs (non-Mordesh Exiles) wear hyperthermal underspacewear when exposed to the elements in the Northern Wilds. These items - and this is important - should be worn UNDER your clothing.

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