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When the attempt to destroy the Entity failed, Drusera imprisoned the Entity and herself inside the Lightspire.

The Entity is not separate from Drusera, but is actually a part of her.

For almost a thousand years Drusera has been waging internal war with the Entity, containing it and keeping it from possessing her through sheer force of will.

Drusera is exhausted from the constant struggle, and won't be able to keep the Entity locked up much longer.


Can we believe Drusera? That's the real question.

She and the Entity share a physical form. For practical purposes they're the same physical being. Their identities are distinct and individually separate - and that's a tragedy for Drusera - but it might just give us our best chance to beat her wicked friend.

Drusera hid this secret from us all - and to call it a pretty important thing to leave out is an understatement. She says she had good reason to do so, and it is clear that centuries of inner struggle have taken a toll on her. Even with almost limitless power, she's exhausted and isn't sure how much longer she can keep up the fight.

And if the Entity escapes and gets control of the Genesis Prime's powers, then that as they say is that - and the Exiles had best be booking passage back to the fleet.

Maybe a better question is: Can we trust Drusera? We don't have much choice. She's the Entity's weak spot, and that makes her our best ally in the fight. The Eldan failed, but we can't. It's as simple as that. Even Drusera's survival has to come second, and she has to know that. She appears ready to do what must be done.




Commander Durek has demanded some trophies from this battle - "somethin' to hang on my wall," he said - but note that Secret Ops Command still gets first crack at anything that shows promise for scientific research. And they are not obligated to release anything that could help them to accomplish their goal and save the damned universe, already.

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