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Nexus is not the Eldan homeworld. It is an artificial planet built by the Eldan for one reason: creating the Genesis Prime.

All life on Nexus was engineered by the Eldan to contribute to the Genesis Project in some way. They even created the gigantic Primevals to be proof-of-concept prototypes of early primal infusion techniques.

After many years of research the actual technology that would finally create the Genesis Prime remained out of the Eldan's reach. They received the designs for the machine that combined six Eldan vessels into one all-powerful being - the Protoplasmic Resonator - from an unknown source.


It seems even with their awesome technology and limitless drive, the Eldan could make mistakes. This news should make even the most hardcore Dominion zealot realize they were no gods. They were mortal, with flaws and weaknesses just like us.

It's extremely unfortunate that one of those flaws might very well eat us all and destroy the universe.

That said, putting the Caretaker back together certainly paid off. Many questions about our new home have been answered\; like why there are so many humanoids on Nexus, how such a geologically young planet can have such an evolved biosphere, and how its strange micro-climates develop as distinct biomes over time.

We're closer than we've ever been to unravelling the mysteries of Nexus. However, it seems that for every question the Caretaker answers a dozen new ones arise.

Where is the actual Eldan homeworld? Are there even Eldan still around somewhere? If they are, why haven't they come back? Maybe they are here and we just don't know it?

Why did they want to make the Genesis Prime so badly? Was it in pursuit of pure scientific understanding or something more mundane? Maybe they intended her to be a part of something even bigger? The first piece in a doomsday weapon? A terrifying-yet-exhilarating thought.

For now, the big question is this: who gave the Archon the Protoplasmic Resonator and can they help us find a way to separate the Entity from Drusera?




The XAS ethics board wrestled with the decision whether to keep the "Nexus is artificial" news from the Aurin. Upon consultation with Queen Myala Everstar, the board decided to release all related findings. The queen felt it was clear that in the last eight hundred years Nexus's biosphere has grown naturally past its original designers' intentions. She continues to believe the "Weave" exists on Nexus and is worthy of being preserved. The XAS board gladly defers to her royal judgment in this matter.

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