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The being known as Drusera seems to possess almost unlimited powers, including the ability to manifest matter using only her mind.

The Entity is aware of Drusera's capabilities and appears to be intent on somehow obtaining those powers for itself.

Despite her apparent omnipotence, Drusera seems powerless against the Entity.


The events which recently transpired within the alleged "pocket in time and space," however enlightening, do not bode well for the success of this investigation, nor for the survival of our fledgling Exile civilization on planet Nexus.

One fact does indeed seem certain: that the power of the Genesis Prime, the being we now call Drusera, is almost limitless. On many occasions during this most recent encounter, she appeared to possess the ability to manifest matter and create life at will. This very fact alone might be considered the most significant scientific discovery in our history, or perhaps in the history of the universe itself.

Taking into account all of our collected knowledge about the Nexus Project, it would seem that the purpose of the Genesis Prime was to facilitate the Eldan's desire to perfect creation - and from our observations, it would appear that they were successful. Drusera is gifted with near-omnipotence. There is almost nothing that she is incapable of.

Yet the threat of the Entity looms ever larger. Drusera greatly fears this biological abomination, and her powers seem considerably less effective against the Strain. Despite her assurances that our operative was safe inside the anomalous space-time location, the Entity and its minions appeared there and destroyed everything that Drusera had so easily created. During this event, Drusera herself fled the scene - seemingly frightened to confront the Entity face-to-face.

Drusera has stated on more than one occasion that the Entity wants her powers for itself. If that eventuality were to somehow take place, the consequences for planet Nexus, as well as the universe beyond, would be unimaginably catastrophic.

What conclusions can we draw at this point? The fate of the Eldan is somehow inextricably tied to the creation of the Genesis Prime, as well as the emergence of the Entity. But the relationship between these two is complex and frustratingly opaque. We can only hope that Drusera can give us further insight into what is happening before it is too late for us all.




Commander Stonebreaker's most recent request has been soundly rejected. The supply requisition stating that his troops need increased beer rations "because of science" will under no circumstances receive official XAS approval or sign-off.

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