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01. Thanks for Choosing FreightSpace!

-Welcome aboard!

-Meet the FreightSpace team!

-Sign the FreightSpace liability waiver!

02. Longhaul: For the Long Haul

-Built "FreightSpace Strong"!

-Number One in Value!

-Not Number One in Accidental Atmospheric Venting Anymore!

03. Schematics: Outer Hull

-Keep atmosphere in and cosmic death out with certified FreightSpace outer hulls!

04. Schematics: Inner Hull

-Mount screens and decorations on certified FreightSpace inner hulls!

05. Schematics: Helm Control (Cockpit)

-Steer your Longhaul with reasonable accuracy!

06. Schematics: Engine Room

-Never lose track of your engine again with this convenient room!

07. Schematics: Life Support

-Because space shouldn't always be an icy deathtrap.

08. Schematics: BBZ-330 "Buzzbing" Drive

-20% less MRO (Mutative Radiation Overspill) than the BBZ-310!

09. Schematics: DZZ-7 "Dizzy" Spin Core

-27% less GRG (General Radiation Generation) than the DZZ-4!

10. Maintenance Tips

-Tip Number One: Only visit licensed FreightStar maintenance facilities!

11. Warranty

-Probably too long for you to read. Trust us!

12. FAQ

-Looking for exciting, low-paying work? Take the FreightSpace Associates Quiz!

13. Parts Vendors (Reputable)

-Reputability not technically guaranteed!

14. Parts Vendors (Disreputable)

-Disreputability can be safely assumed!

[A warning on the following page cautions that this manual can be used as a guide to self-repair, but the manufacturer reiterates that the ship should be serviced only at licensed FreightStar maintenance facilities. It is clear Captain Spigo has done all maintenance on the Dustrunner himself, however, violating the warranty on multiple occasions.]

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