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A SCREED Publication

Copyright 1664 AE, Society for Codes Restricting Everyday Evasion of Death

Unnatural Ones, Repent! Nature hath bestowed upon the Living but One Life, and it is Made Mockery when the Accursed Holo-Crypt is used. If Nature and the gods had Intended us to live Over and Over and Over and Over and Over Again should we not have been Gifted with multiple Lives at birth? It is bad enough that the Mordesh should be Suffered to Sort-Of Live, lurking on Mortality's Lintel as long as their Chemical Not-Life allows. And yet, ALL races are dragged from the Blessed Rest, the Dark Slumber, the Sleep that Shall Not Be Woken From Not Even With Three Alarms Set to toil and suffer in this parched reality.

It is this Abomination that SCREED vows to fight. First, through Education, in missives such as this one, we will bring the Word to the UnWorded. The Truth to the sinfully Ignorant. That we live, we die, and That's All Folks! No re-Do. No re-Play. No re-Surrection.

Second, through Civil Government we will champion Laws, Regulations, and Codes that will restrict "Un-Deading" to only the very few.

To be Clear: this Work will take time to Complete. While the masses are weaned off their Addiction to Living, those with higher ideals will still use the Demonic holo-crypt when Necessary. Like the members of SCREED, for example. To Further the Cause, of course, not because We Want To.

Then we will stride into that Glorious Day. Living as Nature Intended. Where sentient beings can be Capriciously Snuffed Out by things as simple as an Infected Paper Cut, a Poorly Aimed Disintegration Beam, or a Giant Space Rock Striking them Vigorously About the Head, Neck, and Precious Internal Organs.

Embrace Death. Support SCREED. And Repent!

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