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Congratulations on installing this multispecies health services station! We at The Institute for Multispecies Health Services know that you have a choice when it comes to finding remote health care on the perilous worlds of the Fringe, and appreciate your choosing the IMHS. IMHS Stations provide the absolute minimum in health services for over eighty-eight percent of known sapient species - and it shows.

Before using this multispecies health services station, please observe these simple safety precautions:

1. Aim away from face, unless face was involved in injury or illness.
2. Please allow a short time for recharging between health services.
3. If health services station appears to be missing, please build a new one using available parts and tools.
4. Do not accept compliments or sign binding legal agreements with the IMHS Station AI. This behavior is a known bug and will be removed in the next version of the software.
5. Do not submerge health services station.
6. If you are a sapient species not covered by the IMHS organization's database, we apologize for your impending permanent injury or potential demise.

(Please use this page for notes.)

Might as well - got nothin' else to write on. If you've found this, you still have a chance. Thought this was another old Eldan ruin, but turns out there's a whole lotta ugly folk - some air Pell tribe - what are lookin' to make themselves their own god. And I reckon they might just pull it off. They got a whole complicated plan they been workin' on real good now for who knows how long, and even a feller like me can see there's a shipload of power headin' deep into the caverns up ahead.

Of course, that ain't gonna help me none. Managed to make it up onto this here shelf, seems safe from the blasted Pell for now. No mistake, though, they messed me up but good. Never shoulda tried to stop 'em. The health station's done what it could, but no health station in the galaxy can grow a feller's foot back. Even if I could get back down there, reckon they'd tear me to pieces before I could start to hoppin' at their general direction.

The Pell won't know a health station manual from a hole in the Halon Ring, so before I gasp my last, know that the health station's just in dormant mode. Conservin' power, building up its supply of medicines and such. Too late for me, but even if ya ain't familiar with such things ya oughta be able to figure it out.

No need to worry about my bones, either. Ya made it this far, ya got more important things to worry about. Hell, cave critters probably already made off with 'em anyhow.

Give 'em hell, whoever ya are.

- Andred Buckstone, Explorers Union
The Invoker
The Invoker

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