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The rumors of a strange, mutated form of augmentation appear founded. The self-inflicted form of augmentation affecting devotees of the so-called "Ascendancy" permits them a modicum of control (or at least the illusion thereof). Although it does not rob the victim of conscious thought, it does confer the well-known perks of the process, including: increased strength, endurance, and fortitude.

The undisputed leader of the Ascendancy is Calidor Antevian, brother of the legendary hero Toric Antevian. Now christening himself "Brother Calidor," the erstwhile Vigilant cleric appears to be the primary carrier/figurehead for the entire cult.

Augment Facility X426 is the sole source of this "Ascendant" augmentation. It has also been confirmed as the facility responsible for the production and (no pun intended) ascendance of the bipedal cyborg popularly dubbed "Metal Maw," which may help to explain the unusual characteristics of the nanobiotic infection.


From all available evidence, the Ascendancy appears quite interested in disseminating their "gospel" of augmentation planetwide as soon as possible. Our records confirm that Calidor Antevian was a figure who saw himself constantly in the shadow of his brother Toric, the "Vigilant Star," who leads our Radiant Legion. It is quite conceivable that defects he observed in his own personality played a role in the subservient attitude of those who now follow him. Calidor's fervently expressed urge to spread the irreversible effects of "Ascendant" augmentation to new acolytes - willing or otherwise - led to his followers' attack of the local Pell in an audacious attempt to convert them.

That said, DRED analysts consider it doubtful that Ascendant augmentation played any role in the disappearance of the Eldan. For that matter, there is no evidence that the movement even existed before Calidor formalized (or in his words "discovered") its existence.

Augmentation as a general concept has cropped up time and again in our studies of the Eldan, with the events at Augment Facility X426 serving only as the most recent (and dramatic). However, as there have been exactly zero reports of augmented Eldan wandering Nexus, it is the judgment of this panel that such an outbreak ever having occurred is a remote possibility. DRED has determined after encounters with the Ascendancy that had similarly augmented Eldan existed, they would have certainly wiped out half the galaxy by now.




Chemical analysis confirms that Metal Maw is indeed composed of a hyperbonded megasteel alloy. Visual analysis confirms that Metal Maw has a truly enormous mouth. Further analysis is not recommended without substantial armed backup.

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