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The Eldan shared Drusera's grave concerns regarding the Entity. They entered the Terminus Complex, a structure created as a contingency, to take preventive measures against it.

These efforts were unsuccessful. The Entity took control of the installation, which resulted in the destruction of the Eldan civilization.

Despite failing to save the Eldan, Drusera managed to erect a colossal formation of exanite known as the Lightspire and imprison the Entity within, knowing that such countermeasures were temporary.


The final fate of the Eldan is a mystery no longer.

Based on the data gathered in the wake of the Terminus Complex incident, the Eldan were indeed destroyed by the Entity.

As related by Drusera and corroborated by datacubes recovered from the Complex, the Eldan recognized the threat posed by the Entity and attempted to eradicate it at the end of the Nexus Project. They failed. In turn, the Entity laid waste to the facility and slaughtered its personnel. The existence of any survivors from this conflict has yet to be reported.

Despite her inability to save her creators, Drusera was able to construct a massive exanite structure known as the Lightspire, which effectively incarcerated the Entity for roughly a thousand years. However, in the estimation of both Drusera and our own geologists, its continued integrity is in serious question.

What do we know for certain? First and foremost, the organism we have so far termed the Entity is, for lack of more precise terms, merely a projection of its identity, not unlike Drusera. It may well be that both organisms in their "true" state bear little resemblance to anything within our comprehension.

Furthermore, despite the breadth of her capabilities, Drusera remains incapable of dealing with the Entity. To put matters in perspective, the Eldan considered Drusera a goddess. Ergo, it would hardly be hyperbole to accord the Entity a corresponding status.

Inevitably, the additional data compels even more hopeless inquiry. Where is Drusera now? If, as widely countenanced, she is omnipotent, why is she incapable of destroying the Entity? And while her insights have been on the whole beneficial, can we trust her? Moreover, do we have a choice?

DRED has advised the immediate implementation of mass evacuation protocols across the planet. While the odds of survival even off-world are highly dubious, should the Entity's power continue unchecked the projections for those remaining on Nexus are even dimmer.




Though conferring with Exile forces over the gravity of this imminent catastrophe would serve little purpose, all imbedded agents are hereby advised to step up their extraction windows.

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