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ENIGMA REPORT: The Lightspire



When the attempt to destroy the Entity failed, Drusera imprisoned the Entity and herself within the Lightspire.

The Entity is not separate from Drusera, but rather a part of her.

For almost one thousand years Drusera has been waging internal war with the Entity, containing it and keeping it from possessing her through sheer force of will.

Drusera is exhausted from the constant struggle, and won't be able to keep the Entity locked up much longer.


Can we trust Drusera? That is the question we must answer.

She and the Entity share one corporeal body. For practical purposes of physiology and, perhaps most importantly, mortality, they are the same being. That they are completely separate in terms of identity is indeed tragic for Drusera, but may provide the key to defeating her dark counterpart.

Drusera hid this fact from us all - and to call this a significant omission is an understatement. While not an outright lie, it was certainly manipulative - even underhanded - but she claims to have had good reason to do so. And it is clear that centuries of internal struggle have taken their toll on her. Even with her almost limitless power, she is exhausted and does not know how much longer she can sustain the fight. If the Entity escapes and gets control of the Genesis Prime's powers, then it is quite possible that nothing known to Dominion science could oppose his plot to re-make the Universe in his image.

Again, the question: Can we trust Drusera? We have little choice. She is the Entity's weak spot, and that makes her our best ally in this fight. The Destiny Initiative must succeed where the Eldan failed, so we will continue to aid this impossible being. Drusera's survival is, unfortunately, only a secondary objective. We believe, however, that she is aware of this, and ready to do what must be done.




General Warbringer has decreed all significant trophies of battle are the property of the Dominion Military, but it must be stressed that the Enigma Chamber reserves the right to retain significant finds for research purposes. This must continue to take precedence over the general's no doubt important rituals and ceremonies, for the very survival of the universe is at stake. That said, probably best not to mention it to him unless it comes up for some other reason. And even then, maybe not. In fact, best make sure to leave a few nice skulls on the battlefield to avoid a confrontation.

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