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All our assumptions are wrong. Nexus is not the Eldan homeworld. It's not even a natural planet. The Eldan built the entire world simply to create the Genesis Prime.

Similarly, the Eldan both actively and passively engineered all life on Nexus to contribute in some way to the Genesis Project. For example, the great Primevals were proof-of-concept prototypes of early primal infusion techniques.

However, they did not come up with the actual breakthrough that created the Genesis Prime, even after years of research. The designs for the Protoplasmic Resonator, a machine that combined six Eldan vessels into one all-powerful being, came to them from an unknown outside source.


The sobering truth is that even with their awesome technology and near limitless drive, the Eldan made mistakes. They were mortals, with flaws and weaknesses just like us. Perhaps they were not divine, but they are still worthy of our respect.

At least, up to the point that one of their mistakes kills us all, subsumes our biomass, and remakes the universe in its horrific image.

We braved many dangers and overcame many challenges to put the Caretaker back together, and it certainly paid off. The little inconsistencies and puzzles about this planet now make sense. These facts explain why Nexus has so many humanoid creatures, how a geologically immature planet possesses a highly evolved biosphere, what conditions made its micro-climates arise, and even illuminates the ways they are independently sustained.

Our understanding of Nexus has expanded exponentially. But the important questions, those imperative for the Dominion's continued survival, remain unresolved.

From where do the Eldan, our "gods," actually originate? Are they still waiting for us to find them? Do they even now watch use in secret, judging our worthiness? If they are... why?

Why did they want to make the Genesis Prime? Was it in pursuit of pure scientific understanding or something more mundane? Was she merely the first step of a larger plan? It is both a terrifying and exhilarating thought.

For now we must answer a more urgent question: who gave the Archon the Protoplasmic Resonator. This being may be our only hope to separate the Entity from Drusera.




It is the recommendation of the DRED Safety and Social Responsibility Council that this document and all the information within should be immediately disavowed and CLASSIFIED under the Imperial Secrets Act of 325 AE. These revelations represent a MOST-RIGHTEOUS-class societal threat, posing danger to the Dominion's religious, political, and cultural foundations.

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