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The Osun of the Kel Voreth ruins - a tribe of mighty champions, gifted bladeforgers, and deadly darkwitches - are truly imposing examples of that bloodthirsty species.

Recent encounters with these "Voreth Osun" reveal they have been dwelling in the Kel Voreth ruins since the days the Eldan were still present on Nexus. They share Kel Voreth with many deadly elementals and subterranean mutants.

The Voreth Osun have begun to amass a huge store of weapons and armor over the last several centuries, awaiting the day when they could reemerge on the surface of Nexus.

The creation of the Osun appears to have been the Eldan's first great success, a fully engineered race capable of defeating any foe and ruling over any subject. But the Osun rebelled against their overlords, inviting a deadly response from Eldan Annihilators that drove most tribes completely underground.


According to our findings at the Kel Voreth site in Auroria, the Osun - or "OS-1" as the Eldan originally designated them - may have been intended as the Eldan's first completely hands-off experiment. Before the Osun were unleashed on Nexus, the Eldan had created many less intelligent life forms, or servitor species. The Osun were to be intelligent enough to create their own society, civilization, and perhaps someday an empire - overseen by the Eldan, of course.

In other words, in a very real sense the Osun might have been the race chosen to lead the Dominion. A species of giants with innate technological and alchemical talents, the Osun were more than ready to believe they deserved to rule.

Unfortunately for the Osun, there was a fatal flaw in their logic. They believed they deserved to rule alone - without the Eldan. Rising up against their creators, the Osun chose war and were brutally defeated by the Eldan's terrifying Annihilator constructs.

The actions of the Voreth tribe may be the first rumblings of a new worldwide uprising of Osun. Yet it is a testament to the severity of their earlier loss that they have remained underground so long, even though the Eldan have disappeared. If the Osun are the reason the Eldan are gone, their behavior is inexplicable. No, it seems far more likely the mighty Osun really were licking their wounds and rebuilding their considerable forces, waiting until there could be no chance of a second defeat.




Dominion law specifically prohibits the consumption of unlicensed alchemical beverages with transformative qualities. Any citizens seen consuming the potions of Osun darkwitches, whether or not those citizens are in control of their faculties, will be prosecuted as soon as Dominion prosecutors can figure out how to do it.

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