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The capabilities of the being called Drusera seem virtually limitless, including the ability to create and manipulate matter entirely through the power of thought.

The Entity is both aware of these capabilities and compelled to acquire them for itself.

For all her abilities, indications suggest that Drusera is grossly overmatched by the Entity.


The events reported within the alleged "pocket in time and space" do not bode well for the success of this investigation, and threaten the very existence of Dominion civilization on planet Nexus.

One fact does indeed seem certain: the power of the Genesis Prime, the being we now call Drusera, is considerable. Multiple accounts confirm her ability to create sentient life at will. This alone would doubtless be hailed as the most significant scientific discovery of our age, were it not for the realities the existence of the Entity now forces us to confront.

Taking into account all compiled data regarding the Nexus Project, it appears certain that the original purpose of the Genesis Prime was to fulfill the cherished Eldan goal of creating the Perfect Being. Based on our observations thus far, it is safe to say their efforts exceeded their intentions. The full measure of Drusera's capabilities is still being quantified.

But such studies are ineffably threatened by the increasing power and ambitions of her dark counterpart. Drusera truly dreads this "Entity," and her own abilities are clearly less effective against the Strain. Despite her assurances of safety, she proved unable to shield our agent from the Entity's malign minions. In fact, our operative reports that during the episode, Drusera, our one hope of combating this being, fled the scene in disgrace.

On several occasions Drusera has averred her unswerving assertion that the Entity desires to co-opt her powers for its own aggrandizement. If this eventuality were to transpire, we can only assume that the consequences for the planet - and perhaps all life as we know it - would be devastating.

What conclusions do we have sufficient evidence for at this juncture? The mystery of what happened to the Eldan is without a doubt related to the history and aims of the Genesis Prime, as well as the emergence of the Entity. But the relationship between these two is frustratingly opaque in many details. For now our only hope is that Drusera will be able to provide further insight before it is too late for us all.




While dispatching envoys to Exile settlements to compare intel on Genesis Prime or the specific location of the exo-lab is of course a no go, deploying Stalkers to extract the neural data of researchers likely to possess such data is highly advisable.

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