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[A dog-eared copy of an old children's picture book popular among Mordesh, this copy is filled with notes that appear to have been scribbled by the original owner - Lucy Lazarin.]


By Levic Karel

Published per Premium Professional Press Publications
5656 Grismic Grove Gate, Grismaragrad, Grismarava, Grismara

Fourteenth Printing: 1632 G.E.


[An illustration depicts what must be a pre-Contagion Mordesh girl wearing a simple, old-fashioned dress. She holds a small, dead jabbit in her arms.]

This is Teya Trivic. Teya is dressed to the tens up for a tea party! But something happened to her friend, Jabbs the Jabbit.

What will Teya do now?


[The next illustration shows Teya in a kid's-style alchemy lab, pouring concoctions into beakers and injecting the dead jabbit with a huge hypodermic needle.]Good thinking, Teya! That shot of Vitalus serum will get Jabbs back in the pink in no time!


[The next illustration shows Jabbs and Teya Trivic enjoying tea with other animals, none of which are known for enjoying tea within the scientific community.]

Teya and Jabbs sure are happy to have so many friends at their party! But what's this?


[The following page shows Jabbs leaping free of his seat while Teya Trivic is preoccupied speaking with such unworthy companions as Vic the Vind, Sammy Splorg, and Parsival P. Praxovic.]

Some of their friends don't like tea?

Who do they think they are? Jabbs knows what to do!


[The following page shows depicts the jabbit's teeth, its terrible claws, and blood. The tea remains intact. Animal corpses lie everywhere.]

When friends are being rude, it's time for new friends! Right, Jabbs?


[The following page shows Jabbs and Teya Trivic, bloodied, unbowed, and happier than they have ever been as they gather all the body parts together and haul them to Teya's laboratory]

Jabbs and Teya know the best friends are the ones you make yourself. And nothing's better than making best friends!


[The next page depicts a series of events - Teya and Jabbs dissecting the bodies, stitching together the usable parts into new bodies, and adding simple Mordesh implants. The end of the sequence depicts Vic the Vind's corpse beginning to inflate as the alchemy takes hold.]

Vic the Vind sure isn't being a jerk now, is he? Good work, Teya and Jabbs!


[The final page depicts Jabbs and Teya back at the tea party. Their new friends are equipped with alchemical and cybernetic implants, and together the group raises a cup of tea in salute to friendship.] To Friendship! The most powerful force in the universe!

Other than the Contagion.


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