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[This Eldan datachron appears to have suffered some kind of memory fragmentation. It displays a handful of entries out of the thousands it originally contained.]

Per Mother Ohmna's request, I will begin preliminary attempts to restore Subject (Skeech female) to original state.


Synthesized original Skeech primal pattern and spliced it into recombinant virus. Injected it into the Subject. Hopefully, R-virus will invade Subject's tissues. Reset Subject's primal pattern, returning her to her original form.

ATTEMPT 1 result

R-virus gave Subject a head cold. She's even more phlegmatic than before.


Procedure will be lengthy and complicated, but I feel sure enough nips and cuts can whittle Subject down to original shape. Took skin tissue donations from several Skeech males. Prepped sterile procedure chamber.

ATTEMPT 143 result

Procedure failed, but learned two things. One: Subject's metabolism incompatible with anesthetic. Actually made her more enervated and irritable. Two: Subject finds taste of donor skin delicious. Must remember to not integrate her with male Skeech population.

Not discouraged by (another) failure. I will continue until I succeed. For Mother Ohmna.


There is a Pell saying about beauty and its relationship to the depth of the dermis. Maybe if Subject becomes attractive internally, exterior will transform as well. Education and cognitive therapy has failed previously. Maybe Subject lacks proper motivation?

Beloved Mother Ohmna's archives indicate electricity, applied directly to brain's pain centers, effectively modifies behavior of recalcitrant patients. Subject will learn proper diction, comportment, courtesy, and manners, while restrained in a negative feedback rig. This will deliver painful shocks if she does not respond appropriately.

Mother Ohmna surely smiles on this attempt. Success is assured!

ATTEMPT 1327 result

Discovered electroshocks induce euphoric state in Subject. She becomes violent if they are withheld. Will have to wean her off them slowly.

It there an end to this task? Must prove my worth. Mother's will be done.


The great wheel turns. Subject stays the same. But, can the wheel be turned back? Can Subject ride it into the past? To a time before her transformation?

The great primal forces are omnidirectional. Backwards, forwards, it is all one. Perhaps Subject can be accelerated to velocity high enough to break time's cruel grasp? Subject should just be able to fit inside Mother's holy particle accelerator!

Mother help me, I think this is the one!

ATTEMPT 8001 result

It wasn't the one. Subject became stuck in the cyclotron. Will have to dismantle track to extricate her. On positive note: she now glows a pleasant shade of Cesnium blue.

Woe unto me. I again fail the sacred task. I am unworthy. Mother Ohmna will never return.

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