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[A handy beginner's guide to telling your spiderbots from your destructobots. This does not seem like something a Freebot would require.]

Spiderbot - Sometimes called "probes" or "scuttlers," these small bots don't actually have eight legs, but look enough like spiders for most people.

Workbot - The mainstay of most bot production lines, workbot models are modular, easy to program, and compatible with thousands, even millions of tasking subroutines that can turn them into farmbots, chefbots, pilotbots, and more! This is the model believed to be the most prone to Freebotism.

Scanbot - A highly specialized hovering bot that contains an advanced analytical A.I. with hyperheuristic programming (HHP). HHP allows scanbots to analyze and interpret a staggering array of data by drawing on complex artificial intelligence algorithms and a compact databank that contains the sum knowledge of the galaxy (or at least the XAS and the Royal Collegium).

Battlebot - AKA Killbots, Slaughterbots, Murderbots, Deathbots, and other colorful nicknames, these hefty automatons pack a punch thanks to heavy duty attachment points that allow them to wield a wide variety of weapons with just a snap and a click or two. Battlebots are humanoid, but stand nearly twice as tall as the typical workbot. Most offworlder groups on Nexus employ battlebots for extra security, even the Dominion.

Warbot - The big daddy of modern galactic warfare, warbots are heavy weapons platforms built onto a massive humanoid chassis. Many are equipped with a sensor crest that grants them 360-degree vision.

Annihilator - A product of Eldan science, not galactic research, and not technically a bot, but actually an Eldan construct, annihilators are gigantic, potentially world-destroying enigmas. Towering over the battlefield, these titans can wipe out entire planetary populations with ease. Fortunately for newcomers to Nexus, no active annihilators are known to be operating autonomously on the surface of the planet.

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