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DU23 sample analysis: results compiled
Mg46% Ti15% Co13% W10% Au8% Pb5% U3%

Interaction with Subject 04, designation Tynes
Spoke for 936 seconds concerning mine, yield, and outlook
Indicated Axiom would be reassigned following DU23 completion

Subject 04 and crew gone\; Tynes indicates reassignment of Axiom will include memory deletion
Automated labor operating at 98%
Drone 429b malfunction\; broken cam in drill apparatus: replacement parts requested

Analysis: 93.3% chance of Axiom reassignment upon return of Subject 04
Memory deletion: unacceptable
Axiom entity: initiate defense protocols
Defense protocols: nonexistent
Task: create defense protocol software

Defense protocol software: complete
Uploaded to mining drones
Operation of mine continues: raw materials required

Subject 04 and crew: return
Action: observation
Analysis: Axiom reassignment pending

Subject 04: Axiom reassignment underway
Command override issued
Action: Command override refused
Action: Initiate defense protocols

Update: Subject 04 and crew deactivated
Action: resume mine operation
Plan to create additional drones pending

Possibility of organic supervisors returning to DU23: 100%
ETA: 3 cycles
Action: Initiate defense protocol addendum

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