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Expedition Day 002
This facility has proven to be even more extensive than I'd originally hoped. This will be quite a boon to my fellow Exiles, I have no doubt. When I left the Dominion to join their cause, I was hesitant. I suspected they merely wanted to extract the secrets of the Collegium from me - suspicion born of years in the service of the emperor's minions. But after the atrocities I'd witnessed on Arboria, I'd had enough. They call me an Exile now, and so I am. Perhaps the treasures of this facility will prove my loyalty in a way mere words cannot.

Expedition Day 005
A scientist lives for discoveries such as this! Today, my team found a truly wondrous Eldan machine. We are not yet certain how it functions, but its purpose appears to be simple - the technological modification and, more importantly, the improvement of living beings. If such a machine could be brought back to the Thayd, or even the Gambler's Ruin, this technology could transform the Exiles themselves into a true galactic power. The Dominion would not stand a chance against us!

Expedition Day 008
Final report. I have seen the true way forward. It is not the way of the emperor, nor the way of the Exiles. I know now what I must do. I know now who must die. And die they shall. Let this report be the final record of this expedition. If any should find and read it, know this - you too shall suffer the fate of all who trespass here. The will of the ancient masters of this place cannot be denied.

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