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[Only the very first entry on this ancient, barely-functional Eldan datachron can be read.]

Meddlers! Fools! Treacherous cretins!

No more.

That a colleague, one of my own order, would mistreat my creations... well, it forced my hand. I made a deal with a low-level Maker to divert materials and building components earmarked for Exo-Lab D44 to this little floating splinter. I then brought a Pell up the gravity well and he will assemble a secret, private lab for me.

My tolerance for trans-order politics has run out. Let them plot and connive down on the surface. Let them waste precious time and energy trying to curry favor with the Archon. In the face of the great work we are close to completing, it's just dust in the wind.

Small minds. Small hearts.

This will be my private sanctum where I'll be able to do proper science away from the clutches of bumblers. When the Nexus Project does not demand my time, I will be up here, enhancing, perfecting my beloved Skeech and Xenobites.

I'm well aware the Archon ordered me to destroy the Skeech, but I will protect my creations, like a pumera matron defends her little cubs. Perhaps I'll have them address me as "Mother." That thought makes me smile.

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