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Project Legacy: The Chirurgeon
Effective Level: 130
Required Level: 50
Bind on pickup
Unique Equipped
3619 Assault Rating
10859 Support Rating
+ 6 Rune Slots
Sigilslot Random slot
Sigilslot Random slot
Sigilslot Random slot
Sigilslot Random slot
Sigilslot Random slot
Sigilslot Random slot
IMBUEMENT: Certification
Achieve Gold Medals in Veteran Dungeons, then activate the Undiscovered Panel +18.3634910583496 Focus Pool IMBUEMENT: Hidden Files
Achieve "Timed Out," "Avatus's Password," "Blue Skies," and "Defy Corruption" +122.423263549805 Multi-Hit Rating IMBUEMENT: Find Your Path
Achieve "Tread Carefully," "Reduce Row Echelon," "Tactical Strike," and "The Best Defense" +122.423263549805 Critical Hit Rating IMBUEMENT: Data Recovery
Collect Encrypted Datashards from powerful enemies +122.423263549805 Focus Recovery Rating IMBUEMENT: Splendid Execution
Earn the Vaporware achievement and collect the Caretaker's Security Core +122.423263549805 Intensity Rating IMBUEMENT: By Eldan Design
Talk to The Caretaker about the Arena Switch Special: Stimulate
Sell for: 18g 63s 22c

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Jabbithole is built from the in-game data collected with a WildStar addon created specifically for this purpose. You can also install this addon and help building the database behind Jabbithole.

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