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Curative Eldan Gauntlets
Armor - Medium - Hands
Effective Level: 100
Required Level: 50
Bind on pickup
Unique Equipped
Class: Medic
270 Support Rating
1005 Armor
4500 Max Health
+ 5 Rune Slots
Given as a test to worthy subjects, those who pass are the Eldan's Chosen.
Sigilslot Random slot
Sigilslot Random slot
Sigilslot Random slot
Sigilslot Random slot
Sigilslot Random slot
IMBUEMENT: End It Quickly
Destroy Experiment X-89 while blessed +122.993019104004 Max Health IMBUEMENT: Silver Sanctuary
Collect the Silverblade +68.329460144043 Multi-Hit Rating IMBUEMENT: Make No Mistake
Kill Kuralak the Defiler without being hit by telegraph attacks +10.249418258667 Focus Pool IMBUEMENT: Best and the Brightest
Collect Tarnished Eldan Gifts from Strain creatures +68.329460144043 Intensity Rating IMBUEMENT: Live at the Archive
Defeat Dreadphage Ohmna before Survival of the Greatest expires Special: Shield Repair IMBUEMENT: Unsafe Mode
Defeat the Prime Evolutionary Operants after activating the Organic Incinerator
Sell for: 5g 6s 25c

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